We offer a full range of cloud services, whether you just need hosted email, or would like your entire network in the cloud.  BCG can help you achieve your technology goals.  Bundle your cloud services with our Managed services subscription for the best protection and value.

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BCG offers two backup solutions.  Both back up to the cloud and also to a local “speedvault”.

Managed Online Backup: This backup solution is a traditional backup that backs up files, folders, databases, active directory, system state, etc.  This is backed up to the cloud incrementally.  In addition to backing up directly to the cloud, it also backs up to a local external hard drive.  This is a “tried and true” method of recovering from system failure or accidental file deletion.

BSecured Image Backup: This is an imaging solution that backs up the entire PC, along with configuration to an external attached hard drive.  The base image is taken, and then incrementally updated.  Restoring using this method, is the simplest way to restore your PC or system to the same state.  Recovery time from a complete system failure can be measured in 10’s of minutes.  This method also protects your PC, files and backup images against ransomware.



While we love the cloud, we also love our on-premise servers and networks.  We are fully capable, and equip to review, find/patch security vulnerabilities, and support your existing network and servers.

Learn About Managed Services


Already have everything set up and just need it managed and supported?  We can help!  We offer monthly flat rate maintenance agreements to fit any budget.  We also offer discounted pre-paid services.  This allows you to pre-budget for a set number of support hours.  Pre-paid hours roll from month to month and do not expire.

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  • New customers enjoy 10% off services for the first 30 days!
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BCG has been a great asset to our shop, we run a 100% Mac environment, and was able to step right in an pick up where our old IT company left off.  Thank you Justin and the rest of the BCG team for your continued help and support.

M. Wurth, iCycle Bike Shop

BCG offers the best IT Outsourcing service, they have made it so that we don’t have to hire an in-house IT person. Very fast response, and friendly service every time! We LOVE our IT provider!

J. Owen, Discount Hitch and Truck Accessories

Justin, Thank you for always taking care of our issues. Even though some of our issues are not so called emergencies like we make them out to be, you still always make us feel important and fix everything !!! Looking forward to many years of having you on speed dial !! Thank You Justin, all of us at Executive Lodging appreciate you and your team and your service.

L. Cookson, Executive Lodging